The Moose is Loose

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  Well its been a long journey absolutely – no doubt about that. As things finally begin to settle down, I want to send my appreciation to those people that have been so patient with me. On the 15th of January at 8:08 am I was blessed by the birth of the most beautiful little… Read more »

Juggling Poker and Family!

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  Hey guys and gals 🙂 I just wanted to touch base with the people of the poker world as I have been missing in action for a while. So as many of you know in the TPE family it’s been a whirlwind of a couple years for me. This past 24 months or so… Read more »

Checking For Value

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The game of poker is ever evolving. Pretty much all of us know this and have seen it change if we have been playing for a any length of time. We all wish we could time warp back to the early 80s when the game was so fishy it was like taking candy from a… Read more »

An Update From Bigdog, Ya Dig?

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What's up Tournament Poker Edge. It's been a while since  I've blogged so I thought I should take a minute to update everyone.  Obviously the big news as far as poker goes for me was chopping back to back Sunday Millions and winning the Super Tuesday on Poker Stars. That was a fun couple of… Read more »

Into The Fire

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Hey guys and gals! I see a lot of poker players blogs and a lot of them have a similar theme the last couple weeks. And that's goals and ambitions for the upcoming year. I figured I would do something I don't normally do and write a blog.  I'm a pretty well spoken guy but I… Read more »

Back to Back

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  After a bit of downtime, it has felt great to get back on the MTT grind.  I came back with a bang!  On October 16th I took second in the PokerStars Sunday 500 for $45,000 and then on October 23rd I shipped the PokerStars Sunday Warmup for another $106,000.  Always nice to ship back to back… Read more »

WCOOP Update and TPE News

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It’s been a while since my last blog, so I figured I should give a quick recap on what I have been up to.  Of course we are in the middle of WCOOP and I have played 5 or 6 events with a couple of mincashes.  I made a deep run on Sunday but lost… Read more »


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Well, to say that my summer in the TPE house for the WSOP was a failure would be a vast understatement. I went out there focused and prepared to do something epic. I did none of this. I had high hopes because in my limited live play experience I have had some pretty decent results…. Read more »

WSOP – Week 1

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The first week in Las Vegas for the 2011 World Series of Poker has not gone quite as planned.   I’ve had a few near misses including a pretty deep run in a Venetian Deepstack where I flopped the nuts and ended up losing to a rivered full house for 200 BBs with the bubble approaching. … Read more »

Business as Usual

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Despite the recent changes in the poker landscape, it’s business as usual for the bigdog.  I was able to take 2nd recently in the Poker Stars Sunday 500 for $42K and then a few days later took 2nd in FTOPS #31 for almost $11K. Along with a few other decent sized scores it was a… Read more »