pros can also help you improve your game with customized coaching programs that are designed to address your own personal strength and weaknesses. To contact a TPE pro for coaching just click on the email link after their bio and a coach will be in touch with you asap.

Casey “bigdogpckt5s” Jarzabek
Casey Jarzabek, known as “bigdogpckt5s” across most sites, is a staple of the high-stakes MTT community. Jarzabek began on Absolute Poker, crushing the SnGs at the highest level. He has placed first in the weekly tournament leaderboard upwards of 25 times on Absolute Poker, showing his dominance on the site from 2005 through 2007. Jarzabek eventually moved on to MTTs, where he has been a force to reckon with. He has outrights wins in two FTOPS, winning Event #9 in November of 2008 for $277,930 and a HORSE 500+35 for another $75,600 in February of 2009. He has also won the FTP Sunday Brawl, the Sunday Mulligan, and the Pokerstars Second Chance. Overall, Jarzabek has an estimated $3,400,000 in online winnings, including wins in eleven Sunday majors across various sites. At different points in his career, Jarzabek has been ranked #1 on on both Full Tilt Poker and Pokerstars. He has also began his ascension on the live circuit, with a 2nd in a WPT preliminary event as well as several WSOP circuit final tables. He currently resides in St Catharines, Ontario.Bigdog offers coaching for $400/hour with a discount rate of $1000 for 3 hours.  To contact Casey for coaching, please email
Tim “ttwist” Kelly
Tim “TTWIST” Kelly was introduced to poker by his older brother when he was 18. Born in Brantford, Ontario, CAN in 1975, Tim is married and has two sons. Tim made the transition from limit poker to no limit hold ’em in 2005 and played mostly for fun with friends and family. In 2006, Tim started playing online, mostly at Poker Stars at the micro-low stakes, trying to learn the game. After winning a small satellite to the Sunday Million and subsequently finishing 119th, along with another deeper run a couple months later, and he was hooked. Working as a robot programmer in the auto industry by day and poker player by night, Tim worked hard on his game and eventually built the roll to turn pro. His first big cash came after final-tabling the $5K WSOP Circuit event at Harrah;s in Atlantic City, cashing for over $43K. The success carried into 2009 with a 2nd in the Full Tilt Poker 20K for $4,300, 1st in the Full Tilt Fifty-Fifty for $10,900, 1st in the Full Tilt 34K for $14,300, 3rd in the Full Tilt 60K for 17K before final-tabling his first Sunday Major, finishing 3rd in the Sunday Mulligan on Full Tilt for $26,200. He has continued crushing into 2010, with an outright win in the Ultimate Bet 40K Sniper for $10,600 and in April fulfilled a long-time goal of winning a Sunday Major by taking down the Sunday Second Chance on Stars for $55,130. Tim has 125 career final tables and $400K in career earnings to date. Tim currently charges $100 an hour with a 3 hour minimum. To contact Tim for coaching, please email
Danny “DannyN13” Noseworthy

Danny “DannyN13” Noseworthy is a 27 year old professional poker player from Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada. He has over $2,000,000 in online winnings. Danny is known as a turbo specialist and crushes turbo MTTs online including a 5th in September, 2015 $1050 WCOOP Turbo for $90,500. He has final tabled WCOOP, SCOOP and FTOPs events, the Sunday Warmup, The Full Tilt Major, and many High stakes KO and Turbo tournaments. Not only is he a consistent crusher on the virtual felt, he has also had some good success on the live scene. With $126,263 in cashes according to Hendon Mob, his biggest feat is his Canada Cup Victory in the Bahamas at the PCA10 in January, 2013 for over $40,000. Danny is currently accepting students for all forms of NLH tournament poker such as Reg speed mtts, Turbo Mtts, Hyper turbo Mtts, 180 man SNGs and more. Danny is one of the most popular low-mid stakes coaches in the world and has coached upwards of 50 players with very positive reviews.
Danny’s Rates for 2016 are as follows: $150 USD/hr, $650 USD for 5 hours paid ahead, $1200 USD for 10 hours paid ahead. For more information, contact

Danny Noseworthy

Daryl “aaaaaaaaa” Jace

Daryl Jace known as “aaaaaaaa” and “fkscreennames” is a professional poker player with over 1 million in profit online. He has final tabled the sunday million 5 times and won it twice , 5th in WCOOP main event for 200k , 1st in FTOPS ME for 385k to name a few.
Daryl is currently offering a coaching at $200 an hour .

Click here to contact Daryl for coaching




Dan “BourbonFTW” Witcher
Dan Witcher started playing poker in his fraternity back in 2004-2005. A regular in the weekly small stakes cash games, he would often joke around that he was going to play poker professionally one day. After meeting a group of players that did just that, he was able to tweek his skills, and eventually prove himself as a force online. Dan went on to chop the Sunday warm up on Poker Stars for 114k, win the 150k for 59k, and the 75k for 29k within a month’s time. No stranger to live tournament success, Dan won 1st in the 2008 $500 Venetian Deep Stack for 43k and just recently won 3rd in the 5k WSOP circuit event at Ceasars AC for 81k. Dan is now one of the most respected and feared players both live and online.
Dan currently charges $125/hour. For more information, contact



Matthew “theginger45” Hunt

Matthew Hunt is a 26-year-old professional poker player from Southampton in the UK. Known as theginger45 on most sites, he started playing poker in home games while studying French at University, and began playing online in low-stakes cash games and SNGs to help fund his Masters degree in Transnational Studies. After several years working and volunteering in fields as diverse as journalism, language teaching and charity work across six different countries, he decided to give professional poker a go in 2012 as an MTT player. After battling variance and working on his game for the best part of a year, he made his breakthrough score in November 2012, winning the PokerStars Big $109 for just over $20,000. From there, the scores came thick and fast – he has final tabled some of the biggest daily and weekly events online, including the PokerStars Big $162, the 888 Sunday Mega Deep, and the Party Poker Sunday Major, which he won for $42,000 in June 2013, and came 8th in SCOOP event #8-M in 2013. He also won the Full Tilt MiniFTOPS leaderboard in April 2013 with the highest-ever individual leaderboard score for a single series, notching victories in both the NL Irish and HORSE events, with other finishes in 2nd, 9th, 11th and 34th across several different games, despite his inexperience in mixed game formats. To date, he has over $750,000 of online MTT cashes, and is ranked 120th worldwide and 10th in the UK on PocketFives. He also writes and blogs in the TwoPlusTwo Poker Goals and Challenges forum, where his two yearly blog threads have been viewed over 150,000 times.  Rates are $100/hr plus discounts for multiple hours.


For more information, contact



Kyle “IGT” O’Neill
Kyle, a Turbo MTT specialist, started playing 2.50 180-man MTTs in 2009. Since then Kyle climbed the ranks and finished #1 on the profit leaderboard for 180-man MTTs.
Kyle currently charges $85/hour or $75 if you book 4 hours or more. For more information, contact


Christopher “MovesLikeDarvin” Moon
“Chris “MovesLikeDarvin” Moon is an American online MTT pro living in Canada. To date, he has more than $400k in online prizes and his premium hand history review videos are amongst the most popular at TPE.  He specializes in full-length, one-on-one MTT hand history reviews at a cost of $250 per review. He will review the hand history file in its entirety before meeting with you online or in person, where he will give comprehensive analysis of your play in a 90-minute session. To date, he has taken on a dozen students of all skill and buy in levels to profitability–all of his long-term students have shown a profit on their initial coaching investments. For more information, contact
Jamie Kerstetter 
Jamie Kerstetter is a 32 year old professional poker player living in Atlantic City. She started her poker career as a cash game player, building her bankroll in $2/$5NL and $5/$10NL live games while attending law school at The University of Michigan. She worked as a tax attorney for three years before deciding to leave her legal career behind for poker. In 2009, she started to focus on online MTTs where she played under the screen name “and the law won.” For two years before Black Friday, she was ranked in the top 1% on OPR. After online poker shut down in the US, she spent her time playing live cash and traveling the WSOP circuit, where she set a record for the most cashes at a circuit stop with 5 cashes in one week in Harrah’s Atlantic City, and proceeded to qualify for the 2012 and 2014 WSOP National Championships. She has 72 live cashes on Cardplayer, including 12 cashes in the WSOP, 5 WPT cashes, and an Omaha8 Venetian Deepstack title. She is a TeamPro for PartyPoker. Jamie enjoys coaching MTT players of all skill levels and low stakes cash players. Jamie currently charges $125/hour. For more information, contact