Traveling to Play Online Poker

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  For those of you out there who are considering (or indeed, have already begun) a career as a professional poker player, there are a lot of factors to bear in mind before you begin. Everything from your current ROI, to the games you play, to your bankroll, schedule and studying processes can have a… Read more »

Timing Tells in Online MTTs

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  You can’t have a discussion about a hand of live poker without the question of ‘live reads’ or tells coming into play, and rightly so. Live reads can be one of the most important ways in which we can gain an additional edge in live poker. It’s easy to think that in online poker,… Read more »

Defending Your Range on the Flop

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  Learning to respond appropriately to continuation bets from your opponents is a key part of the strategy that will form the early stages of your poker learning. Many people start out either folding way too often to c-bets, or not folding anywhere near enough – they rarely bluff-raise the flop, they rarely play draws… Read more »

Calling Preflop Isn’t As Important As You Think

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  One of the biggest stumbling blocks for many people when it comes to improving their game is that they start out with an incorrect perception of how poker works. It seems obvious to them that it’s possible to make profit with the strongest hands in the deck, so they look at the next best… Read more »

Applying Pressure in the Late Stages of MTTs

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  It goes without saying that as an MTT player, the late stages of the tournament are when it really starts to matter. It’s not just the final table, either – depending on the size of the tournament, you may find that the dynamics change with as many as 100 players left. So how can… Read more »

The Two Primary Styles of Play in Tournament Poker

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  In the early stages of their poker careers, many players spend a lot of time trying to figure out what ‘style’ of poker they should play. They start out being vaguely aware of the concepts of ‘tight’ and ‘loose’ play, and begin to become conscious of what each type of player might look like…. Read more »

The Most Commonly Misplayed Hands in MTTs

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  I frequently find myself discussing with my students the idea of ‘problem hands’ – hands that are often stumbling blocks for players looking to push their game forwards. In the name of (somewhat) scientific investigation, I decided to do a bit of digging into which types of hands are most likely to fall into… Read more »

Stop Looking for More Rules to Follow

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  Having done a substantial amount of one-to-one coaching over the past few years alongside my TPE work, I’ve come across a variety of trends in the way novice players tend to think about the game, particularly when it comes to their approach to learning. For the most part, people tend to approach learning about… Read more »

Responding to Static Flop Textures in Poker

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  As a follow-up to my recent article entitled ‘Static and Dynamic Board Textures’, I’ve put together this article and another one breaking down each category of flop. Static flops are a significant contrast from dynamic ones, and require a drastic shift in the way we approach them. Let’s take a look at the most… Read more »

Flatting Too Much in Middle Position is Costing You Money

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  As a poker coach, I’ve reviewed Holdem Manager and PokerTracker databases for probably 30-40 different people at this point, and there are a few common leaks and weaknesses that tend to show up in a great many micro-stakes and low-stakes players. One of these leaks is that many people tend to be losing chips… Read more »