The Poker Software Tools Changing the Game in 2017

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  If you’ve put any significant effort into studying poker in the last five to ten years (which, since you’re reading this article, I’ll assume you have), then at some point you’ve probably used a piece of computer software to do it. Many players, myself included, will have entered into the game at a time… Read more »

The Most Dangerous Single Sentence in Poker

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  I’ll get right to the point – the most dangerous single sentence in poker is “Fold and wait for a better spot”. If you’re anything other than a very high-level pro, I’m sure you’ve said this sentence to yourself, or to someone else, at some point. There are generally three major reasons why someone… Read more »

The Best of Summer 2017 on PokerGO

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  For anyone who enjoys watching televised live poker, the arrival of PokerGO on the scene this summer has been a godsend. With many events from this summer’s WSOP available to live stream or watch on demand, the service can be a goldmine, not just of entertainment, but of strategy information applicable to almost any… Read more »

Variable Frequencies: The Next Step

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  Poker is, perhaps somewhat paradoxically, a game of words. We spend our time using words to describe mathematical concepts, and it’s not easy. There are a lot of words that get thrown around in poker without the correct application; there are a lot of words that get used way too much, to the point… Read more »

Four Common Misconceptions About Playing LAG

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  For the last five to seven years, it’s been fairly common to hear people in the poker strategy community use the terms ‘TAG’ and ‘LAG’ to refer to different player types – ‘tight-aggressive’ and ‘loose-aggressive’ respectively. These are usually used when talking about the types of players we aspire to be, rather than our… Read more »

The Three Most Fundamental Postflop Scenarios in MTTs

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  When beginning the dive into the intricacies of postflop tournament poker, many players start in the wrong place. In fact, they almost do things backwards – they look at individual hands, representing very specific sets of circumstances, and try to use them to extrapolate their approach. A more productive way to do things is… Read more »

MTT Evolutions: Leading the Turn

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  Every now and again, tournament poker undergoes a reasonably dramatic evolution in the approaches most commonly taken by players at the upper end of the spectrum. These evolutions filter down fairly quickly, until they’re eventually considered to be ‘standard’ by those still making their way through the learning process. Sometimes they seem bizarre or… Read more »

Utilizing Overbets in Postflop Situations

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  One of the most commonly talked-about subjects among poker learners nowadays is the concept of over-betting. I think it’s fair to say that for many players, the concept might fall into what Jared Tendler’s Adult Learning Model would classify as the region of ‘Conscious Incompetence’ – players know what it is, and they know… Read more »

Equity Realization: Calculating a Call

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  One of the most difficult judgments to make in No Limit Hold’em comes when we’re trying to evaluate the profitability of calling preflop. We might be getting decent pot odds, but how do we decide whether they’re decent enough? After all, most hands in our range will have decent equity versus our opponent’s range… Read more »

Playing Postflop in 3-Bet Pots

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  It goes without saying that the pots which have the greatest significance in NLHE are the bigger pots. A pot above 50bb in size can change the momentum of your tournament, and take you from a medium stack trying to scrape into the money, to a powerful chip leader. In many instances, these bigger… Read more »