The Personality Flaws that Restrict Poker Improvement

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  Let’s get this out of the way right at the beginning – this one is going to be a tough read for some of you. If that’s the case, good. You’ve taken your first step to becoming a better person and a better poker player. The reality of poker is that it is just… Read more »

The Fundamentals of 3-bet Sizing

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  I’ve written articles on 3-betting in the past, mostly focused on range construction with some elements of sizing factored in. But in order to tackle the subject of 3-bet sizing in more detail, we have to dig a little deeper. 3-betting is a concept that can be confusing to novice players, since most people’s… Read more »

How To Handle Dynamic Flops

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  Recently I wrote an article entitled ‘Static and Dynamic Board Textures’ that covered the two major concepts that should guide the way we play different types of flops, turns and rivers in Hold’em. Since these concepts are so fundamental to understanding the way we should play each different type of spot, I thought it… Read more »

Range Differentials: Where Profit Comes From

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  In order to further our development as poker players, it’s often necessary to conceptualize certain parts of the poker experience in ways such as they are most useful to us, as opposed to more obscure forms that may be more easily mathematically provable or identifiable. In plain English – rather than numbers on a… Read more »

The Difference Between Variance and Volatility in Poker

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  Anyone who’s spent a substantial amount of time and energy on poker knows what variance is, and is familiar with the type of discussion the topic tends to elicit, as well as the variety of emotions these discussions can elicit. Everything from celebrating a big score to commiserating over a huge downswing boils down… Read more »

Metagame Considerations in Live MTTs

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  For those of you who might have been playing a good amount of live poker over the recent summer months – either at the WSOP, elsewhere in Vegas, or at any of the numerous poker festivals going on worldwide – you’ll most likely have experienced an interesting ‘attunement’ process as your live poker routine… Read more »

Equity Denial: Poker’s New Postflop Craze

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  If you’ve been tuning in to PokerGO over the summer period, you’ll have heard – alongside the usual mainstream WSOP commentary from Norman Chad, Lon McEachern and Antonio Esfandiari – some stellar contributions to the commentary booth from analysts such as Nick Schulman, Matt Berkey, Doug Polk and others. These commentators brought a somewhat… Read more »

Limping Ain’t Easy: A New Approach to Awkward Stack Sizes

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  Every few years, tournament poker strategy evolves. Back in 2005, everyone stopped limping in and started raising preflop. By 2010, 3-betting light was the route to profit. By 2013, people were flat-calling again, and by 2015 everyone was defending their big blind with extremely wide ranges. What’s next? Well, we’ve already seen it a… Read more »

The Poker Software Tools Changing the Game in 2017

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  If you’ve put any significant effort into studying poker in the last five to ten years (which, since you’re reading this article, I’ll assume you have), then at some point you’ve probably used a piece of computer software to do it. Many players, myself included, will have entered into the game at a time… Read more »

The Most Dangerous Single Sentence in Poker

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  I’ll get right to the point – the most dangerous single sentence in poker is “Fold and wait for a better spot”. If you’re anything other than a very high-level pro, I’m sure you’ve said this sentence to yourself, or to someone else, at some point. There are generally three major reasons why someone… Read more »