Do you have a sign up fee?

No.  Many poker training sites charge you an initial fee just to become a member.  We don’t do that.  We simply charge one small monthly fee.

Can I pay via PokerStars site transfer?

Unfortunately we are not able to accept PokerStars transfers as payment for your subscription.

How do I cancel my account?

If you pay via PayPal you can cancel your payments at any time from within your PayPal account.  Click here for instructions on how to do this yourself.  You can also email us at and we can cancel them for you (regardless of the payment method you use).  Please make sure to include your username and email address when you send us an email to cancel your account.  If the e-mail address you used for paypal or credit card payment is different than your member email address, please include both.

How often do you put up new videos?

We typically put up 4 new videos per week.  Every once in a while we might do more and as far as we can remember we have never done less.

I can’t seem to access my account, can you help?

Yes we can!  Just email us at and explain the issue you are having and we will be happy to get you back to watching videos as soon as possible!

When I start a membership, will I be billed automatically?

Yes, we are a subscription based site and you will be billed periodically (depending on which plan you choose).  As far as we are aware, this is how all poker training sites work.

I’d like to have one of my hand histories reviewed for a video series.  How do I do that?

We love to review member hand histories.  We have to say though that we get A LOT of requests, so it might take a while to get to yours.  If you are willing to be patient, you can send your HH file to:

Can I download videos?

Yes you can, but please note that there is a limit of 30 videos per month for download.

Do you take moneybookers?

We do not currently accept moneybookers, but we are working on it!