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  • Electives Course “3 and 4 Betting and Bet Sizing” In this course TPE pros teach you the art of raising, re-raising, re-re-raising, 3-bet shoving, and cold 4-betting along with all of the proper bet sizing techniques.
  • Electives Course “Bankroll Building and Management” Some say that if you can't manage your bankroll, it doesn't matter how good you are.  In this course we teach you how to build and manage your own poker bankroll.  We play a game scored by dollars.  Let us show you how to earn it and keep it!
  • Electives Course “Hand Reading and Image” If you can learn what it takes to figure out what your opponent has while disguising your own hand, you will be on your way to profitable poker. Image is everything, break theirs down while protecting yours.  Go street-by-street and learn the how to hand read with the best of them.
  • Electives Course “Final Tables” The moment of truth has arrived and the lights are shining bright. Will you be ready? It's what MTTs are all about- the pinnacle of tournament success.  Learn how to dominate final tables.
  • Electives Course “HyperTurbos, Turbos and Rebuys” Sit down, keep your hands and feet inside the cart, and enjoy the ride! Watch the stacks go up and down like a roller coaster and the chips fly and learn how to dominate this skill set.  Turbos and Rebuys are their own artform and we can help you dominate.
  • Electives Course “Live, Heads-up and Mixed Games” Poker is about situations.  And once you play live, heads-up or different forms of poker you will need to learn to adapt.  This course has all the bases covered.
  • Electives Course “Math and HUDS” Need to brush up on your math? Thinking of installing a HUD? Or if you just want the inside edge on the best HUD set-up, then look no further!
  • Electives Course “Money Bubbles, ICM and Advanced Play” If you feel your game is in good form but you want to test yourself and try to take it to the next level, then this is the perfect course for you. Own the bubble and make every chip count.  Be that player everyone fears.  Learn about how to assess decisions at final tables through Independent Chip Model (ICM) Theory.
  • Electives Course “Pre Flop, Post Flop and Position” Learn the difference between each street and how to use position to your advantage.