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2012 goals.


5:27 am
December 27, 2011



My Poker goals for 2012…

Ok so 2011 wasnt a great year for me pokerwise. I started the year off with a few goals in mind but basically
with a few life changes like starting a new job + moving to a remote mining town basically my poker life
took a back seat. Coming into 2012 everything seems to have settled down and I feel im ready to start to improve
my poker game again. Im hoping to update this forum with how my progress is going thoughtout the year as i feel
this will help me keep me focused on achieving my goals. So here goes;

1) Continue to lose weight to my goal of 100kg – Now i know this isnt really poker related but I feel that it
still plays a huge part in my mental game. When i moved back to perth I weighed 140kg in the last 3 months i have
lost 20kg so im 1/2 way to my first goal. When exercising i just feel like im in a better mind frame making better
decisions and being able to concentrate for longer periods.

2) Spend more time studying poker – Basically im going to spend 5 hours a week on studying. this studying will be a
mixture between watching videos, studying my own hand history, posting hands on the forums and hopefully talking

about hands with you guys.

3) Increase volume – with me working 5 days a week im going to set myself a modest goal of 40 180sngs a week with
just a few MTT thrown in on the weekends when i have the time. A big issue for me I feel is playing tourneys etc
when i dont have the time or energy so i will mainly be sticking to 180mans and only opening up some MTTs when i
have the time. I will be reviewing this goal quite frequently and hopefully this number can go up.

4) Concentrate on bankroll management – Now this has definetly been a weak point for me in past. So i currently
have a bankroll on stars of about $320 but am able and willing to load another $600 or so onto that total if i
have a bad downswing etc.I am going to start out the $4.50 + the $3.30r 180 mans aswell as any MTT's around that
dollar value.


So thats about it hopefully continue to post in here with updates on how i am going. I typed this last night and then

proceded to get a 2nd in a 3.30r 180man so my roll has jumped up to about $650 already.


Cya at the tables and chat hopefully.


5:30 am
December 27, 2011



Good luck with your goals! 


See you at the tableswink

12:22 pm
December 27, 2011


Cary, NC

TPE Management
TPE Management

posts 3876

as I like to say, "sometimes left gets in the way".  but it seems like you have set some good, reasonable goals for 2012.  Good luck!!

11:11 am
January 2, 2012



GL feralcrab. I am in a similar spot but unfortunately I only get to play on Merge so my big games will be my live play this year. I plan on a couple of tourneys through my casinos that are about an 1 1/2 drive away from my spot of living. GL. Your BR is about what I have so we are similar.


I believe the best way to handle br management is get connected with this group at TPE and I would love someone to hold me accountable on my br management as well. You are connected with me on twitter I think. We can both crush 2012 and not look back at depositing again ever.

Id love a bankroll sweat thread for this purpose. I think that most BR issues are due to just being a degen "like me". If I could have some people to hold me to the mat would be invaluable. The variance in tournament play is really difficult and downswings are inevitable so it would be great to work together among TPE members.


10:00 am
January 3, 2012

chip chimp71


GL man! Your goals seem very worthwhile and healthy for you & your game! cool

1:53 am
January 30, 2012



Hey guys,


Just a little update while im bored at work. first month has been really great learning so much and even more keener then when i started to keep learning. Thanks to everyone that hangs in the chat aswell always great to talk about stuff aswell as poker when im down to 1 table etc. Anyway no massive scores yet couple of deepish finishes but only a couple of FT's.


Anyway so i really havent been playing many SNG's as ive basically got into a routine of tournies i can play and am really enjoying MTT's alot more. my hud has been playing up for a few weeks so im gonna be spending this week looking into it and doing abit more study before i get back to playing on the weekend. Broll update so i started on stars with 350 or so and deposited 60 to get the free scoop ticket i have a roll of 780 now. I also deposited 250 on 888 and grinded that up to about 800 with a win in a $6 tourny and a deep run for 4th in a $50 buying for $500 which i won a satty into.


So all in all a great first month. Looking forward to the next month ahead and hopefully a few more FTs.



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