TPE's pro, Justin Ouimette, aka "birddy420", is back. This time Justin reviews his victory in the PokerStars 6-Max $109. This Hand History Review is a four part series.


6-Max $109 Victory Hand History Review with Justin “birddy420” Ouimette (Part 1)
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7 Responses to “6-Max $109 Victory Hand History Review with Justin “birddy420” Ouimette (Part 1)”

  1. Jrive96

    @9:55 i paused the video and tried to think if i squeezed here what would my sizing be and i was thinking 8500 or so. you say your squeeze sizing would be about 11k. What sizing would you consider too small there? Also would this sizing be easy to exploit since it looks like youre looking for folds, or are you also making it 11k with big pairs too? Thanks bro

  2. birddy420

    Hey Jrive96 i think 8500 can work but in my experience you get flatted when you oop too often. I like to go bigger i find it gets more folds pre and yes i would choose a slightly smaller size with AA and KK cuz we dont mind playing post oop with those hands, 8500-9500 would be my size with top of range

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