Cougars is back with a live sweat on Bodog. This series will help TPE members who are thinking about depositing on the site. This is part 1 of 2.

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Bankroll Builders: Bodog Live Sweat with Cougars (Part 1)
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3 Responses to “Bankroll Builders: Bodog Live Sweat with Cougars (Part 1)”

  1. wilmont

    Nice Cougar, been hoping for some post BF videos! Also, been thinking of making a small deposit on Bodog, mostly because I want to keep playing and partly to give the DOJ the finger! LOL

  2. mars1888

    I recongnized that you have different betting sizes for different strength hands. With KK you are making it 750 and with J10s 690…be careful it s very exploitable 😉

  3. Theviolator

    I dig the vid sir….i put some money on bodog after watching these…haven’t played but one mtt but doing very well on the sngs and pl omaha cash. very true your statements on people on this site being behind it’s like playing a few years ago when i was on planet poker. keep the vids coming…

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