Cougars is back with a live sweat on Bodog. This series will help TPE members who are thinking about depositing on the site. This is part 2 of 2.

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Bankroll Builders: Bodog Live Sweat with Cougars (Part 2)
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7 Responses to “Bankroll Builders: Bodog Live Sweat with Cougars (Part 2)”

  1. gobsmacked1

    Cougars: Do you think Bodog is worth playing on extensively without rakeback? Is it soft enough to justify it?>

  2. JDsk8s

    Hey Cougars, I’m new to TPE (joined 2 days before Black Friday). I’d like to submit soem HHs for possible review, but don’t really know where to post them. They are both on Bodog and less than a week old. One is a win of the $15 BI 1.5k that starts around 2:30 pm C. The other is a 2nd in the $33 BI 2k that starts @ 1:00 C. Let me know if you would be interested. My skype ID is JDsk8s. Thanks

  3. Theviolator

    i like the aggression level…I have found in the sngs that people have little to no knowledge of push fold ranges on this site.

  4. Cougars4444

    I’ll probably try and do a live sweat of those tourneys at some point but for now I’m working with a real limited roll on Bodog and as small as it is can’t really afford to take shots at this point.

    I think its worth it without rakeback. You probably won’t find softer games anywhere else.

    JD feel free to PM me.

    Ya probably shouldn’t be barreling UFgator83 that often but I went to FSU so probably some extra aggression just towards the screen name

    People really struggle with push/fold ranges for sure.

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