Sweat the big dog as plays the Stars Nightly 100k and a WSOP qualifier. Concepts covered include detecting when your opponents are floating as opposed to trapping, bet sizing to induce shoves, and hand-reading based on opponent bet sizing. bigdogpckt5s Live Sweat 1
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  1. Rentz Due

    This is great BigDog! I watched this early this morning and found it very informative. I decided to try being a bit more aggressive in the positions you’ve shown here and limit my bets. Since watching and tuning my play a bit I’ve made 2 final tables on full tilt and it’s only 12pm! I can’t wait to see more real time game play. Please keep 2/3’s to full MTT videos coming!

  2. bigdogpckt5s

    Hey Rentz due. Glad you find those videos helpful. As promised I will continue to get 2 or 3 vids up a week minimum. Our content manager is working on redering some up now. There are 5 or 6 new ones going up asap. 🙂

  3. brundaddy

    like the site so far. One suggestion, you should record a Sunday session with 4 tournies going at one time in various stages, including early stage platy

  4. xtremeungar

    Love the site… love the vids… I am very pleased to be a member of TPE… Would love to see more vids from hitthepanda….

  5. nickastayfly

    another good vid casey, i love how u played the hand where the utg limper bet pot and u floated out of pos and took it away on the river, i always see those spots,and i KNOW they dont have anything there, but i just cant pull the trigger…i will def start to do that more. I agree with “itsmeuidiot”, ur very cool and calm,its soothing for me to watch you be like that. Thanks for another great video.

  6. HawksForLife

    Hey casey, could you elaborate a little bit more on your thought process when you’re in a hand against another player? What I mean by that is instead of just saying something like, “That’s my river,” say something like, “I think I can push him off of this pot because I think he’s representing x and I think I can credibly represent y and push him off the pot.”

    Great vid. Keep it up.

  7. HawksForLife

    Oh btw, the fact that you didn’t know sdot_1111 and then realized you were one of 7 friends on his p5s friends list was hilarious.

  8. asholgate

    so nice not to watch a video crarmped with HUD stats, love the information you share and how you approach the game. Thanks

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