In this video the bigdog teaches us how to work a 10bb stack to the final table....and ride it all the way to a heads-up match.


bigdogpckt5s Absolute 15k
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  1. TheSuccessStory

    liked the video. I Think you should explain more your overall strategy as you went into the HU. otherwise pretty good first video. keep going

  2. bigdogpckt5s

    Thanks Success Story. I will defenetly try to do that more in the future. This is my first real kick at the can at this stuff. So please keep the feedback coming and I will try to apply your suggestions.


    I will say that at that stage i try to raise, and see flops and seeing the pushign and folding had helped me look at the final table in a differnt way.

    is it the same when you are 10 bbs overall with antes ?

  4. FinallyReadyToLearn

    WOW WOW WOW….talk about playing POKER…you have OPENED MY EYES Casey. For a first video that was pretty incredible.

  5. Big_miky

    Just wondering about all the limping on the button in the HU, especially when you limp-folded. Is this not bad practice?? I was always under the impression to raise and use your position when you get HU.

    I sort of felt you were letting him control the game and then you blasted the J3 in frustration and ended up losing.

    Is limping the button so much HU a standard thing to do?

  6. HammerU

    Casey…I loved the video until about 3 way. I think that you explained all situations with the short stack very well but would have loved to hear more of an explanation to some of your plays 3way and hu when you got deeper. Why did you decide as a min raise for your standard open 3way? Why were you limping lots of buttons hu? Why did you cr that one flop and not the other? If you could answer some of those questions in the future that would be great.
    Overall solid video!

    Ty HammerU

  7. winner211

    Hey man, I’m a new member and this was the first video I watched. Overall, I loved the discussion on working a 10bb stack at final. It really verified strategies that I have learned and try to implement.

    However, 3way I think your discussion value diminished (maybe play was too fast to discuss everything) and HU I really wanted more discussion as I disagreed with many of your plays. I wanted to know the logic behind your plays and was very disappointed with the final “frustration” shove at the end.

    Look forward to seeing more videos!

  8. Itsmeuidiot

    I agree with the previous comments. You were golden early on with the 10 bb stack. You did a great job to get HU with that guy but I felt that he really got to you and you kind of lost the “Big Dog Heart” that I have seen you display in all of your videos. The J3 shove was shocking coming from you. Hey, shows that you are human. Good video. Thanks BigDog. I’m always learning from you guys.

  9. xtremeungar

    Just signed up for the site and this was the first vid I watched. Very insightful as far as coming into the final table as the shortstack and reaching heads up. Great thought process… I guess when it got three-handed there should have been more aggression from the button???!!! Just for information purposes… the guy u said “owned u” the eventual winner of the tournament is Adam “squee541” Sherman… he is usually ranked pretty high in the pocketfive’s rankings. Thanks for putting up this show big dog… great job. Thanks a lot

  10. black666

    I’m not hating, but I watched this video with the pushfold chart from “Kill Everyone” (equilibrium solution for pushing) and every single one of your shoves was incorrect.

    Given the situation it probably worked because you were at a FT, you were playing on AP and your opponents played super weak tight. Shoving those hands from your position is def a losing play on PS/FTP midway through the tournament.

    Anyway .. nice video!

  11. Wein


    I would bet (without looking at the book) that Kill Everyone is very obsolete at this point. Push/fold has changed DRAMATICALLY over the past year.

  12. nickastayfly

    just joined today, first video watched, i loved it. I love how casey didnt have any ego about how squee was owning him, he DID have casey in very tough spots and seemed to read him very well, sometimes u arent getting cards, and have to make moves u wouldnt normally,just to stay alive,but squee seemed to have a knack for knowing when casey was strong or weak…and i believe he was min raising due to the shallow stacks, and with squee being very aggressive and 3 betting alot, its not profitable to be raising more than a min bet if ur gonna be folding to his 3 bets alot. I also love how he has a plan and sticks to it,like when he said he was gonna call out of pos and then check raise the flop , or float in pos to take away on the turn, these are things im not trying,i will def be doin this in late game play, thanks casey! very impressed, keep it up sir!

  13. aguilerag

    I just signed up for this site yesterday and this is the first video I have watched. I think it was a great video and like the way you showed to take advantage of shoving when the time presents itself and not to pass up your opportunities.

  14. playingfor4

    A question for bigdog. I played the sunday storm and was sitting with 9-9 in big blind with 14 big blinds. UTH made it 2.2x and a was putting him on Ace-Q Ace-K, i shoved and he called with AK. IS that a bad move ? He had about 26+ big blinds.

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