7 Responses to “bigdogpckt5s Absolute 35k”

  1. philiveyjr

    Nice Job! I love it… Can you put some tournaments up where you start from the the beginning? I want to know your mindset when you’re trying to accumalate chips.


  2. bigdogpckt5s

    Ive got a few request for early stage play so Im gonna make a few vids of early stage play with in the next couple days.

  3. mistergj

    The 32s hand vs Q9o – you’re getting 1.57:1 which means you need to be 38.9% against his range for shoving in that spot. I’ve put a few ranges through PokerStove and can’t get close to 38.9%. Versus Q9o exactly you’re 37.6% so am I missing something here?

  4. Big_miky

    Pretty much as mistergj stated. I can’t work out how you got the math together to make the call.

    I heard you doing the calculation quickly in your head, but you didn;t explain it to the viewer and I also can’t work out how we can get the odds for the call.

    I would have auto-folded in that spot and am wonering if I might not be calling light enough in certain spots.

  5. xtremeungar

    Always nice to see the bigdog at work… Big fan here… Thanks a lot… I do have that question which was raised earlier… about the 23s hand…. getting 2to1 I woulda called yes… but not even 2to1 ….we basically taking a gamble I guess no? Hope the big dog enlighten us here. Thanks again

  6. JaMart1n

    Another great video from Big Dog. Love the fact we have a couple respected regs on this table as well and seeing how he adjusts to their style.

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