In this series, Cody Custer tackles the growing Bovada network with a series of live sweats from their 9pm "After" series. Every night they run a block of tourneys with buyins to match the time after the hour ($12 at 9:12). CCuster911 9pm “After” MTTs Live Sweat (Part 3)
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3 Responses to “CCuster911 9pm “After” MTTs Live Sweat (Part 3)”

  1. BOOOMShakalaka

    What did player 11 end up having in the CO vs Button A2 hand? I was hoping you were going to hero call because I feel like his bet sizing was fishy. Wouldn’t he have bet bigger on the flop / turn in order to set up a pot size river shove if he was going for 3 streets of value??

  2. JD

    I too would like you to look that hand up if it’s not too much trouble. It’s hand #2870734587 (or maybe 2870434597, it’s a little hard to see) that starts at the 5 min mark. It felt like he backed into 65 (two pair) or 64 (straight).

  3. CCuster 911

    I am working on getting this. IIRC he had JJ, but not sure, I definitely looked it up but forgot to post it. Its on my old laptop that is semi broken at the moment, it is hit or miss if it turns on but if/when it does ill get it and post and PM both of you.

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