TPE welcomes Lee Childs to the family! This WSOP Main Event final tableist is also an accomplished online player with over $1.5 million in winnings. His first series as a TPE pro is a hand history review of his FTOPS Main Event. This is part 3. FTOPS Main Event Final Table HH Review with Lee Childs (Part 3)
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8 Responses to “FTOPS Main Event Final Table HH Review with Lee Childs (Part 3)”

  1. Take2Nutz

    I think the 7:25 min. mark with 88 you have to make the call once you fire on the flop and he ships it. It cost you 3483 to win 9330, so your getting 2.7 to 1. If we give him a tight range of 33,77,10+,Aks+,AKo we are a 31% to 69% dog about 2.2 to 1 dog. If we win our stack would be 23745 (59BB’s) and if we lose 10932 (27BB’s). I think it’s a plus EV call. This is coming from a micro player trying to understand higher level of plays and calling situations.

  2. brooksea

    Lee- Thanks for thouroughly explaining your thought processes. Re the 88 hand: Whe he min raises from early position w his stack, that looks very strong to me, and I think I fold pre. I know that seems nitty, but its not a profitable set mine,as you stated, and you will be playing for his stack most of the time. If you make the call I think you are flipping at best, and crushed mostly.


    I think your CBETS are really high, saw u betting 2500 to a pot of 3600 with A10 on a board A 10 Q, that prob scares away A rag hands too often…


    The video is very nice and almost cried laughing when u sound so serious and the SB show any 2 queens ahah, easy call tho

  5. tough-enough

    Soepgroene is actually a very good regular. He is one of DC coaches, and recently won a FTOPS 8game event and Aussie millions side event

  6. rezzn

    good commentary of your ftops recap. i went to wpt bootcamp 2 x and hear your decision process sounding like wat i learned there…. anyways i watched you play the final table of the wsop main event on payperview… and i am glad i signed up on TE … i have much to learn to be able to be really competitive still grinding low buy in tourneys with some highs but more lows… many times it seems low buy in are just shove or fold matches …. which i really don’t do well … good videos good explanations and good recap… maybe someday i can be able to afford some one on one coaching to help mi game but for now this is great… thanks LEE CHILDS

  7. JoStylin

    One of my favourite video series. I think your style is the most similar to mine of all the coaches. Having said that, you are clearly much better than me so I learnt a lot from this.

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