TPE welcomes Lee Childs to the family! This WSOP Main Event final tableist is also an accomplished online player with over $1.5 million in winnings. His first series as a TPE pro is a hand history review of his FTOPS Main Event. This is part 4. FTOPS Main Event Final Table HH Review with Lee Childs (Part 4)
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14 Responses to “FTOPS Main Event Final Table HH Review with Lee Childs (Part 4)”

  1. Purp_Royal

    Great vid…I completely understand the situation with JJ at 40 mins in. That fold was gold in my opinion. I run into those spots a lot when I’m deep and I end up calling and losing a flip or being completely dominated.

  2. brooksea

    About 1/3 of the way through you raise from sb w a6o and flop 2 pr. There were 2 spades to a flush, and you c bet the flop. What do you think about a check shove or check raise if he bets in this spot instead?

  3. Maartz

    @ 40 min: Don’t like 3-betting a hand as strong as JJ when you are gonna fold to a shove. Looks almost like you are 3-betting for information (Or like you didn’t have a plan for the hand). And if you are not calling it off you are turning a very good hand into a bluff. You might as well setmine for the 2 bb’s in position (29 bb deep effective). And if he has a hand like AK and misses the flop you are probably gonna pick up that pot.
    I wonder what you 3-bet/call range is in this spot 29 bb deep, I am guessing QQ+ and AK? So I would prefer to call IP here with hands like JJ and 3-bet all your bigger hands and some bluffs.
    Really liked the rest of the video and the series.

  4. acumen53

    I’ll try to get back and watch those couple of hands again sometime soon and give some additional feedback. Don’t have time right now as I just got back from AC and need to hang with my son. I appreciate the feedback and questions guys and will get to it as soon as I can. Thanks!

  5. xtremeungar

    I love the series… great vids Lee… I agree with 100% of what Maartz said….well put and yeah I would love to know as well about his 3bet/call range with those stack sizes?


    I find it very hard for ppl to make plays at you betting constantly 2/3 of the pot, perhaps half pot or even less???


    Question: opening AQs with 20bb and fold to a shove is advisable?? I hear other ppl saying when u open a hand with 20bb is never with the intention to fold to a shove


    Also, with 20bb the only hands ur scared off should be KK and AK. AA and QQ is unlikely cuz u have 2 blockers, any pair ur fliping, and flipping 20bb isnt ok??

  9. iceberg693

    yeah but his c-betting frequency is so high that it would look fishy there if he doesnt c-bet HU blind vs blind. Like hes said a bunch of times, hes just gonna bet there and be willing to go big with the hand IF his opponent has anything. Sure if you check you can get another half pot sized bet out of your oppenent probably, but its almost a tell how it deviates from his standard line table image plus obviously not the driest board to try anything fancy like that as well. No need to give your opponent a free card.

  10. iceberg693

    Thats a great point. Everything you said is gold there. GG. Overall the series has been great and Lee is obviously a very solid player but I would love to hear his thoughts on your post. I think his fold is a no brainer there unless he and that particular villain have a past history where Lee thinks he would 4 bet shove light knowing that Lee is a cautious player and is only going to call w QQ+ and AK there which obviously represents a small portion of his range even tho he seems to have a fairly tight 3 betting range in general. Calling there where both stacks are fairly deep, in retrospect, obviously seems like its going to take the pot down more on the flop or perhaps even showdown if the villain is raising light late and the board falls in our favor.

  11. ASS_MAN123

    3b folding JJ from the button there just seems so horrendous to me. 3b call seems standard. I think you’re well ahead of his range with 28bbs, no one believes button 3bets. Also your sizing of nearly 3x is too big imo, especially if you have the absurd plan of folding. If you’re planning on folding to a shove flatting is >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3b/folding. You might as well have 63o in this spot

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