Follow along with Hagbard Celine as he takes down the Stars Nightly 100k!


Hagbard Wins the 100k (Part 1 of 3)
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5 Responses to “Hagbard Wins the 100k (Part 1 of 3)”

  1. dbt

    love your input and take on the play , i really really dont the party poker back drop in your videos just me but i really love your stuff this far ,

  2. dbt

    ya was typing way to fast and missed a word my bad , i love your videos as a request pleasssssse use a stars back drop the party poker theme kills your videos in my oppion , and please dont take this bad i really really love your stuff

  3. xtremeungar

    Loved the vid…also joining the hate group over the party poker theme.. cannot see the stack size over ur avatar. Excellent explanations… love it… u dont only analyze ur plays but also what would u do in ur opponent’s shoes which is great as we get to learn more. I have a couple of questions which I hope u can PM me about… one in which u had AA UTG.. at 75/150 and instead of raising to ur usual 400 u do 420…. is this simply because u r UTG or maybe a misclick of some sorts… the other question is when u open from the button with K10s… BB called J9o… flop top pair… turn gives u trips… river looks like everything gets there… what if ur opponent open shoves into u? I think u are folding trips given stacks right? Let me know Thanks… I think is a great spot for him to bluff or value bet with an all in there

  4. Metasploit

    You are on fantastic instructor Charles! Went back and watched this video again and picked up some nice pointers on hand reading and flatting with AK when deep stacked. Great job!

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