Time to put in some work! Killingbird digs into his PokerTracker database to find interesting hands for review with TPE Pro Marc Alioto. This is a great view into how the pros work on and improve their games. This is a four part series.


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Killingbird’s Poker Tracker Database Review with Marc Alioto (Part 1)
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3 Responses to “Killingbird’s Poker Tracker Database Review with Marc Alioto (Part 1)”

  1. AK-Kariteu

    Great video!! In the hand of JTs defending in the BB around minute 20, I think is a good fold in turn instead of Mark told. I think a 13/8 player who I think is a recreational may be double barreling pot size with semibluffs. Only for value. I see AA/KK/QQ/AJ doing that from these type of guys. They tend to bet bigger with big hands and smaller with marginal or semi bluffs. I don’t think that he is doing that whith J9 and don’t think that is opening 57. Even the 8 is better card for us than for him, I definitely think this guy have a monster and is trying to get max value of Jx or draws. So I think is a good fold on turn. Thank you guys for these type of videos. I like it very much

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