The Stick it to the Man series is back! This time bigdog and Wein take on KB's play in the nightly 55s. Oh yeah there is an epic AK hand here. This is part 1 of 2. Sticking it to the Man! Killingbird’s and the 55s with Wein and the bigdog (Part 1)
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23 Responses to “Sticking it to the Man! Killingbird’s and the 55s with Wein and the bigdog (Part 1)”

  1. mategott

    please stop making this a comedy-series and start making more of a learning-series.
    Sorry about that. But stop action like you are the king of the world and KB are you little puppy. Its not funny anymore.
    I wanna learn, not hear you laughing at him.
    This is my opinion.

  2. Killingbird

    I know some people dont love this series, and it seems a little harsh. For what it is worth, I learn a TON from these. Watching this one I really like caseys discussion about the KJss hand where it really does not matter if that is KJss or 72o. I also found a huge leak with the AQhh vs AJcc hand and how i played those two completely wrong. And obviously the AK hand was one that I recognized even before this (see my recent blog). I guess my point is that not everyone will love these, but hopefully there are lots of other videos that you do love. I personally learn the most from these, but we all have our different styles.

  3. McBain74

    fwiw…if all you pay attention to is the laughing then you won’t learn anything. If you listen to them explain why they are laughing you can learn alot in my opinion. I for one don’t want to watch a mundane video with boring commentary.

  4. GaryLQ

    I enjoy this format. Yep, there’s a lot of comedy in there, but there’s a ton of wise advice too. Learn and have fun at the same time.

  5. txBoot

    Keep the comedy coming. I just laugh my ass off at these. My wife is even asking me to unplug the headphones so she can hear it when I break out laughing. And the crickets sound like a squeaky fan maybe?

  6. brooksea

    Great insights, entertaining, try and do something about the sound quality. Wien sounded like he was in a tunnel…. and of course there were the crickets…otherwise excellent!

  7. Fantasta

    Can’t imagine better series than this. They laugh at you or pick on mistakes, flaws in logic? GREAT, can’t imagine better way to learn.

  8. xtremeungar

    Love the strategy and the comedy in it…. KB is been learning a lot so should we. Love the stick it to the man but audio has to be better this is by far the worst….. if audio comes out this way shouldnt be released…. totally painful with noise of crickets…

  9. X200MEH

    Just wondering about the 77 hand early on in the vid, where utg+1/2 shoves 12.5 bigs, think we have about 35 bigs. This is personally a fold for me, i think 88 is probably a call tho, 99 instacall. My reasoning behind a fold, is that there isnt many hands ur dominating – i think the guys folding 2s3s maybe 4’s, shoving 5’s upwards, but so many times, the shove from that stack is 88-jj, he’s got the whole table to get through. but countering in other non pp hands, probably makes up for around 50-60% of hand posibilites pretty much none of them were dominating- just flipping against. We have a great stack of 35 bigs why put ourselves in the dangerzone if we lose a speculative hand, surely wait for better spots/hands ! Granted he could b shoving 78s but without any reliable information on the shover, just fold wait for a better spot..

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