Part 1 of 2 where Tournament Poker Edge pros bigdogpckt5s and Wein team up to review a hand history from bigdog''s recent Sunday Second Chance win. Team Review bigdogpckt5s 2nd Chance Win (Part 1)
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4 Responses to “Team Review bigdogpckt5s 2nd Chance Win (Part 1)”

  1. TheSuccessStory

    good video. One thing tho, could you please your 3bet betsizing too. sometimes you just over minraised 3bet even out of position do you think this is optimal in certain situations?

  2. BBird40

    SuccessStory brings up a good point…I have noticed that in the lower stakes that ppl will sometimes 3-bet LARGE, min-3Bet, or even 2x the original raise to make it there 3-bet.

    If it is not to much to ask, just elaborate more on why you chose the 3-bet size you did. Did you do it so you could get away easily from a 4-bet? to reduce the amount you would have to c-bet on the flop? etc

    Once again though great vids

  3. TaijiX

    the hand at 13 min, was there a flatter?? how is 3 betting to 235k good?? i’m guessing it went raise, 3bet, and you 4-bet.

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