TPE Theory is back! Daryl "aaaaaaaaa" Jace walks us through what it takes to become a better poker player by teaching us how to find and fix leaks, how to study, and how to expand your game knowledge. This video can help all levels of poker players by teaching how to become more disciplined in how to improve.

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TPE Theory: How to Become a Better Poker Player
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18 Responses to “TPE Theory: How to Become a Better Poker Player”

  1. Psellos

    I missed Theory thursday, hope theres more to come. great video daryl, a really good insight into what it takes to improve your game. thanks allot.

  2. mickman

    Excellent video Daryl, i personally plan to put in a decent amount of 6 max cash in the new year and mix that with MTT’s, as my postflop game definately needs a lot of work. I just want to know what you think of people who suggest you should pick one discipline and stick to it, is that a short sighted view.

  3. aaaaaaaaa

    Its very hard to do both only a few can do it at a high level. But thats not what im saying to do. I want you guys to play cash just to improve your MTT game . I dont want you guys just putting in 1-2 hours a day of cash at very low limits with the intention of just getting better and not making money.

  4. mickman

    Thanks for the reply, i totally understand what your saying now. I just listened to an interview with Moorman, and he was saying you can definately exploit good tournament regs postflop if you learn about cash and adopt it into your tournament game. Looking forward to more of your theory videos.

  5. chip chimp71

    I agree! After months of being a member I think this is the first new theory in since I joined. I have a few ideas on theory videos but I’ll post in forum…

  6. mistreatment

    Loved the content of the video and looking forward to more theory. But yes, I have to agree…please add some life to your voice. How can you expect us to be enthusiastic about learning if we are being taught by Eeyore?
    I hate to sound critical, but also please try to limit using “uhm”, “like”, and “stuff like that”. It is very distracting.

  7. suitedaces

    Daryl: This video is just the right thing for me. I’ve reviewed my hands before but couldn’t make the analysis myself. You’ve provided the lead to get me there. My wife says if she gives me cooking directions…I’ll get it cooked perfectly…your vids will be another very positive step to get us to the right place in a short time…looking forward to those forthcomming.

  8. nickyb

    Hi Daryl, thanks for the video – I just have one question about the six max cash.

    What kind of level should we be aiming for – I want to start doing it purely to improve my post flop mtt play but I’m not sure what kind of buy-in I should be looking at to get the most out of. I opted for 5c-10c deep on stars is that too high or about right?

  9. FeralAce

    Hi Daryl,
    Great video. I have been playing some HUSNGs but you specifically mention playing HU Cash and 6-Max to improve post flop play. Two questions:
    1. Am I missing out on something by playing HUSNGs and not HU Cash?
    2. If I play HUSNGs should I also play 6 max cash as well or is the HU enough? I’m trying to work out where it is best to allocate my time.

  10. aaaaaaaaa

    I think HU cash is rly helpful and 6max is rly helpful too. HU cash will be better for your game than HU sngs. HUsngs r good for your game too just not as good.

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