TPE welcomes a new pro Kevin "Merby" Doerksen. Kevin is an adjunct professor of mathematics. He earned his Ph.D. from Simon Fraser University in 2011 and has been teaching mathematics ever since. He started playing poker in 2004 and used its income to help pay his way through grad school. This series is all about MTT math. From the basics, the how to properly do equity calculations, to ICM - you get it all! This is a 6 part series (not 4 as he originally thought - the material was too comprehensive at the end).


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TPE Theory: The Mathematics of MTTs (Part 1)
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13 Responses to “TPE Theory: The Mathematics of MTTs (Part 1)”

  1. Merby

    I talk about it in video 5 or 6. I discuss how we can approximate it and I point out the available software that does that. Although I discuss how to form an approximation, I do not do a full calculation.

    I do, however derive how we can find an exploitive shoving/calling range and then go through an example of finding one.

  2. JoStylin

    Being bad at maths is a leak of mine so I am very excited about this series. I also like the enthusiastic and clear way that you present the info in this video.

  3. mykhalzyruskane

    Now this is series I need! This is what my brain gets! You can tell that this guy is definitely a teacher/instructor. Great communicator!

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