PokerSnowie is a popular artificial intelligence-based software for No Limit Hold'em poker. TPE Pro Matthew Hunt takes on the machine in his latest series to see how he fares against the computer. He also teaches how to use the software along the way. This is a five part series.


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TPE Theory – The Ultimate Test: Playing Vs. PokerSnowie (Part 1)
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10 Responses to “TPE Theory – The Ultimate Test: Playing Vs. PokerSnowie (Part 1)”

  1. theginger45

    It might seem like it’s a bad thing, but honestly when you’re playing, there’s not really any reason to have things go slower. It’s like playing Zoom or Rush poker – there’s not really much reason to wait ten seconds to take your action when you could ‘fast fold’. I actually had to disable ‘fast fold’ to make the video – Snowie does have that option also. Generally I think most people would want the action to be faster, but it doesn’t work so well for the video perhaps.

    Hope you enjoyed the content at least!

  2. mykhalzyruskane

    This piece of software is very interesting and intriguing to me. I messed around with it last night, it was actually pretty fun and a good learning experience.

  3. theginger45

    That was pretty much just because of the nature of recording a video series. The series would have been very disjointed if I was stopping every 20-30 minutes to do 5 minutes of analysis. It felt easier to just do the analysis at the end and get a picture of how I played once we had a bigger sample of hands.

  4. Sashm90

    i have tried importing hands into snowie from pokertracker, but i get a message says unsupported import do you know why that is?

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