DannyN13 crushed WCOOP with two final tables. Now he breaks down his WCOOP 1K Turbo Final Table for TPE members in this hand history review. This is a five part series.


WCOOP 1K Turbo Final Table History Review with DannyN13 (Part 5)
[Total: 8    Average: 8.4/5]

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7 Responses to “WCOOP 1K Turbo Final Table History Review with DannyN13 (Part 5)”

  1. smallcat66

    Great final table and very educational the way you talk about everyone’s hand. I like the face up format.
    At 7.10 you fold 66 UTG+1 with 14bbs without any comment at all. Is this an easy fold in your opinion?

  2. mykhalzyruskane

    Sick Final Table Vid! Congrats on your 5th place win here! You should think about putting up last Sunday’s Sunday Warm Up 4th place win.

  3. Rok

    Great series, thanks a lot for your effort and congrats for your scores. I would love to see hh from some reg speed tournament to see the difference in style. GG Danny!

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