Watch Wein''s first Sunday Million Final Table run as he manages 20-40bb stack nearly the entire time. Learn how to wade through a huge field in a Sunday major! Wein’s First Sunday Million Final Table (Part 1)
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5 Responses to “Wein’s First Sunday Million Final Table (Part 1)”

  1. lithium687

    29:42..”flop an open ender”…sure about that? lol…just one question…you mentioned how you like to 3 bet more out of position than in position…how come? wouldnt it make more sense to do it in position? assuming if your opponent flats preflop, and will mostly likely check the flop to you allowing you to C bet flop and take it down…

  2. xtremeungar

    Very good… answering to Lithium.. I would say the reason to raise more from OOP than in position is to try to make it costly for opponent to call lighter in position…. making his call more questionable.. or defining the strength of his hand a bit more. Maybe Wein can elaborate on this… Thanks for the help

  3. ken3

    You want to 3bet oop more for the simple reason that you would like to end the hand at that point if possible rather than play the whole hand out of position which can be difficult.

  4. Roguehood

    Not a fan of the shove with the 78 after the big stack calls, that call just screams strength, like he’s inducing. I guess you have to take risks in these huge field tournaments so fair play for that but I’d probably like to do it more with something like Ax suited, where I have a blocker. I think he’s calling your shove off with a pretty wide range including medium pocket pairs 66+ as he has you covered significantly.

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