Watch Wein''s first Sunday Million Final Table run as he manages 20-40bb stack nearly the entire time. Learn how to wade through a huge field in a Sunday major! Wein’s First Sunday Million Final Table (Part 2)
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6 Responses to “Wein’s First Sunday Million Final Table (Part 2)”

  1. kevgr

    26:48 you say something like “I don’t do a good job analyzing my own game”. Just wanted to tell ya I couldn’t disagree more with that, you do a GREAT job man.

    I think its really great to see you approach your hand review so subjectively, and not always agree with the decision you made at the table. It most likely makes you a better poker player too!

  2. ctrl-alt-destruction

    My original thought is that its a mistake folding the 88 with the 47% equity, because your chopping the blinds and antes plus your raise.which would make it +ev call. But i understand you dont want to be left with 20bbs and lose options. So this is like an icm fold, because you should be taking this spot earlier in the tournament.

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