Hagbard Celine sits down with friend and roommate destiniunbound--a SSNL reg--and reviews his deep run in the FTP 3r. Adjusting to changing dynamics and stack sizes as blinds move up are just a couple of the topics covered in this three-part series. This is part one.

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3r FT HH Review with Hagbard Celine and destiniunbound (Part 1)
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MORE IN THIS SERIES : Part 2 | Part 3

5 Responses to “3r FT HH Review with Hagbard Celine and destiniunbound (Part 1)”

  1. dragontamer

    Really liked this one – good and detailed explanation of your thought process. Downloading the other 2 now.

  2. HawksForLife

    Why do you guys say JIM428 must be very strong when he makes a cbet after a squeeze play with you calling?

    Wouldn’t he bet 100% of his range after the squeeze?

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