Andrew "foucault82" Brokos is back with a hand history review of his 2016 Main Event. This is a must watch to improve your live poker game. This is a ten part series.


WSOP Main Event Hand History Review with Andrew Brokos (Part 1)
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4 Responses to “WSOP Main Event Hand History Review with Andrew Brokos (Part 1)”

  1. bothorsen

    The 64s hand at around 10 minutes in, you don’t mention the option of a thin value bet on the river. I don’t think he ever checkraises it, so the question is if you can get enough A highs to call compared to the times when you loose to a single pair hand. I don’t see him hitting the 10, so I guess you should only be up against 77 and 99 here? Against AK and AQ that’s pretty good. With your turn check, I don’t think he often sits there with JJ or QQ. I’m not sure. It’s definitely thin if you do it, so perhaps it’s too early for you to have a read on villain that’s precise enough for you to consider pulling the trigger.

    • Foucault

      Good question, sorry for the slow response. It’s a very good habit to always be looking for the opportunity to value bet, even when it’s hard to imagine worse calling. That said, I think I still like the check. Villain probably has some 98s/87s as well, and he doesn’t really have the much incentive to call Ace-high on the river (what would his folding range be?). You’re definitely right that I should have discussed it, though, thanks!

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