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I did not get to put the volume in that I had planned for Sunday.  But I did manage to get in about 12 tournaments.  Unfortunately, no big scores.  I did a ton of mincashing.  I'm actually pretty happy with how I played overall.  I can't even really complain about bad beats…just alot of coolers and lost flips.  But you have to get used to those days in MTTs.

I did end my session by playing a ton of steps on Full Tilt.  These things are SUPER soft and I full intend to ship a WSOP seat via them before the summer is over.  If you are looking for a way to fill time between MTT sessions, I would suggest these.  The 18-mans in particular are awesome and pay 5 tickets to the next step.

Probably taking tonight off, but will be back at the tables on Tuesday.

Good luck everyone!!

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