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December 20th, 2013 – Hand Analysis and HUD Talk with Marc Alioto
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12 Responses to “December 20th, 2013 – Hand Analysis and HUD Talk with Marc Alioto”

  1. Killingbird

    sorry about the choppyness. that is weird as it was not heard in the recording process. Unfortunately its on the master file so not much i can do to fix it, hopefully it is stil listenable!

  2. loxxii

    it’s a little choppy and I’m getting old so my ears are kinda bad but did my brotha say he took a swig of piss? please tell me I heard that wrong. damn! now that’s a bad beat.

  3. loxxii

    I was in on that Vegas convo about manipulating HUD stats. I had some success with that on Revolution but got away from it. May need to revisit.

    Checking my HM2. The player I have the most hands on is KB. He’s ALWAYS at my tables, lol.

  4. ezbuttontime

    pretty sure this is not where u ask dis question but i won some tourneys on bovada and will like to get my HH reviewed who can i send it to? (the 100k gtd $162 buyin and 5k gtd $44 buyin)

  5. BadAstronaut

    This download always seems to fail after a minute or two, around the 13mb or so mark… anyone else having troubles?

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