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So before you all lynch me for asking the question, let me share with you my thoughts on the subject and then we can have a civilized discussion and come to an informed conclusion. How does that sound. Hey, I said civilized, no throwing things….   Okay on with the subject of the day. So the question I have asked really comes down to what the overall impact of Sunday is. We all know it is when everyone comes out to play. It is all the biggest fields, the biggest dollars, it is the scores of a lifetime in the tourneys we all dream about. Don't get me wrong, the thought of crushing the Sunday Million is part of what gets me to the felt almost everyday and helps keep me motivated, but you have to take a step back and look at the broader picture sometimes. This time, the question really begs to be asked…Is Sunday really as valuable as we think it is. I think the answer is a certain No. Here's why.

1. Think about how much prep time you put into playing for your normal schedule. The focus and effort into the tourneys that you like, understanding the structures the typical opponents and how much practice you get at those. Now, translate that to Sunday. You may get 300 tries at the Super Stack 15k, you get 52 max at the Sunday 250k. Think of the descrepency in learning that comes from that.

2. How good can playing 10k plus fields really be. Yes, the prize pools are large and there are fish everywhere and in reality you are only going to face a small number of those opponents (probably 100-200), but you still have to beat them. In these large field tourneys, especially early all the fish want to win it then and all the regs want to take advantage of it. Everyone wants in to get the crappy players chips. How often does this result in you sitting on the rail in 27xxxth place pissed off.

3. How many days into the week are you still upset/tilted/questioning something that you did on Sunday. Poker as I am finding is not just a game of mental focus and strong fundamentals, but it is also a game of positivity. Shaking off what went bad and moving on is crucial to success. How often do you get yourself all excited to play for a huge score only to have something go wrong, get unlucky, make a bad play and then not really recover from it mentally until Wednesday. Two more days down the tubes.

Okay, so here is the crux of the discussion, I have taken a look at the pro's, looked at the con's and from a low/mid stakes guys point of view on this one I just don't think that Sunday is good for me. I am much happier and far more confident playing my regular schedule on regular days against the standard fields and succeeding there. Perhaps when I reach the HS my opinion will change (actually I am sure of it), but until that time I am swearing off Sunday. I am much happier, focused and content playing and winning in my regular schedule and getting tripped up by Sunday is just causing me more grief that it is solving. Only question now is, what to do with all those extra buy-ins spread across the week 🙂 This is the Gman signing out. May all your flushes be royal!

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