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So I have just awoke from recovering from my evening and morning. There is something so enormously satisfying about being up late and making a huge deep run. There is something distinctly irritating having to wake up and shove a crap load of snow. I'll give you the run down of the evening here while I wait for lunch to finish. It is Double Guarantee week on FTP and like the good maniac that I am, I jumped into it on my favorite tourneys. My absolute favorite tourney on FTP being the 1900 EST Super Stack 15k (30k this week 🙂 ). To add to the fun it is a Multi Entry tourney and there has been some rather active debate in chat on how to approach these (and how many bullets to put into the gun). So I put 4 in the clip and prepared to fire away. I have been working very hard on focusing and playing the game that I know I can and staying positive through a run and I have to say, last night it worked very very well. So the tourney turned into 3777 runners chasing a $37k total prize pool and $7.5k first prize. Well Entries #1 and #2 busted out about halfway though the field, made some mistakes in the mid stages that put me into 20bb spots and as we all know once you move into shove mode sometimes you need a little luck which didn't totally pan out in my favor. The other two entries however were much more promising. Entry number 3 resulted in a 162 place finish and thankfully foot the bill for the 4 entries (nothing better than freerolling the 4th entry!). The last entry however was much more promising. I spent most of the time ITM in the top 10 in chip stacks which was exciting, to know that I cap put together that level of game. So how did it wrap up you ask. Well it ended in 13th place for a 2nd place chip stack in the oldest of all poker stories, KK vs. AA with me on the short end of the stick. I am not really dwelling on that, because although it was a little disappointing ( I would have loved FT money) I can't complain about making the run that I did given how I have been working and wrestling with my game. It just feels so good. The Gman is back baby! So let me just say thank all of the TPE nation and the rail, it felt so good to be back in that place. Well, lunch is done and then time to spend a little time puttering around with some 4.40 On Demand Rush for fun. Catch everyone at the tables! This is the Gman signing out. May all your flushes be royal!!

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