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Having an outside observer in your life and to your activities can be an incredibly powerful tool. It can be frustrating to catch the unexpected opinion at times and it can certainly throw you as well. The reason I bring this up is if you have been following, I have been working hard on re-defining my post flop game and it has been a sizeable hit to my confidence and my focus. I have been fairly grumpy as I have been focusing on my mistakes and dwelling on poor results and the reasoning behind it. As I have been a royal pain in the ass around the house my wife finally got tired of it. Last night she asked what the problem was and I told her. Her simple response was, "I thought you knew what you were doing wrong, and had some people confirm to you what you knew". The short answer was yes. He response "Quit bitching and just do it. Hope elects presidents, it doesn't make winning poker players.". I had to laugh for a second. It was so simple and fairly profound. As I went to sleep thinking about it, my brain started to churn. Instead of dwelling on what I am not happy with and why I am not moving as fast as I want to and all of the negative, it is time to change the focus. The power of positivity is pretty impressive. So today is the first day of the power of positive thinking. I need to not dwell on the negative aspects and look at the positive work and how to expand and translate it into broader strokes and apply it further into my game. I like this idea. I marvel at the ability to convince your brain of anything, as long as you tell yourself convincingly. Well, time to believe. Nothing else but that. For once in life it is just that simple. It is time to believe that I can be the player that I want to be. That I can achieve my goals and I can attain the levels I want. It is time to believe.

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