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So last night was another exciting night for the Gman. First I have to start off with a big congrats to Rivermen123 for his 4th place finish in the Daily Dollar Rebuy. It was an exciting ride watching him navigate a 10k runner field to get there. Awesome work sir, you should be proud! 

As far as what I was doing last night, it was a pretty successful evening. I played the 4.40 2R1A (the 4 quad for short) 2k GTD on Stars, the $22 6-max Deep Stack on Stars, Mini UBOC 26 and the Super Stack 30k on FTP (full 4 entries). It wasn't the biggest schedule that I have played, but it focused a lot on what I really like (deep stack play 🙂 ). So the run down is finished 33rd out of 770 in the 4q, 24 out of 240 in the Deep Stack, 123 out of 3027 in the Super Stack and 128 out of 1028 in the Mini UBOC. Cashed 3 out of the 4 and was very happy with my play. I think I need to open up my later stage play again to make sure that I am accumulating chips late and getting into a good position for FT runs, but I am very happy with what is happening so far. Well today is an off day, going to try to sneak in the member tourney at 1pm, but not sure. Stay tuned though for tomorrow night's update. Going to take a full firing in the Double Deuce, the Mini UBOC Main Event, $11 Deep Stack on Stars, Sunday 250k and The Dime on AP I think. Should be a pretty big day for me and with my play feeling as good and solid as it has been of late, no reason I shouldn't be deep in something tomorrow evening. Well, this is the Gman signing out for now! May all your flushes be royal!!

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