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In this final week of 2013, we have a new live sweat series from Cody Custer while Rivermen123 continues his live sweat. We also have a couple of strategy posts and member scores. Personally, 2013 was one of the best years of my life. Hopefully you can say the same. Resolve to improve your game going into the new year beta testing TPE University today. Here’s hoping we all crush it in 2014!



Rivermen123 Merge/Bovada Live Sweat

Rivermen123 continues his live sweat on the Bovada and Merge networks. In part 5, he is down to most Merge tournaments and comments on how tough the fields are in these . In part 6, he is still in the mid stages of most tournies, but he is approaching the bubble in a one or two of them.


CCuster911 9pm “After” MTTs Live Sweat

Cody is back with his first live sweat video. He is playing some low to mid stakes MTTs on the Bovada network. In part 1, he gives his general approach to the unique set up Bovada has where they dont use player names. In part 2, he is still in the pre ante stages, but he plays them more aggressively than most.





lapp3r30 wants to know if TT is a call vs short stack shove and a mid stack reshove for half his chips

mikewebb68 wants to know if he should call a 3-bet shove on the bubble with AKs for his last 30bbs



TPE University

Members can now have a sneak preview of TPE University. It will run in a beta stage for a few days and debut to the general public at the start of the new year. Swing by and give us your feedback.


Member Scores


Marsh345 took 5th in the Twister 6K on 888 for $400

jacobsharktank took 2nd in the Bovada 4K for $600

jasonchr shipped the Bovada 3K for $1100

Killingbird took 3rd in the Bovada 5K for $850


If you would like your name to be included next week, please make sure you post your score, IN DETAIL, in either the sweat or BBV threads, or use the hashtag #TPEdge on Twitter! You can also tweet them to @HipHop101Trivia directly.

Take one down for the good guys!

Loxxii   Twitter: @HipHop101Trivia


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