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Well its a Sunday. And to boot its a ftops Sunday. Then throw in the fact that AP has a few extra tournys today including a 1k heads up. I am looking at buy ins in excessive of 12000 today. Sounds like good times. Hopefully we find ourselves on a run good day today. Its also 2 of my favourite ftops  today including the one I won. The 300 dollar freeze out. 1.25 million guaranteed. Its also the 500 dollar heads up ftops I got 4th in that one last time it was played. So hopefully we can pull off some of that Sunday magic today.  Good luck to all TPE peeps on the felts today. Seeya at the end of something.

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  1. Metasploit

    LOL hagbard you always say that. $12000 just on buyin’s alone is pretty sick. BigDog I hope you have rakeback on FTP. Even I have rakeback on FTP lol

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