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So I decided I would take a couple days off from the mtt grind.  I was just planning on sitting around. Doing a little yard work. Had to put some chemicals in the pool and stuff.  Well, it didnt take long for me to get bored. So i thought Id do a 2-7 low triple draw session. I started at 100-200 and bought in for the standard 4k.

Well things started clicking from the second I sat down. Was running extremely pure, making alot of hands. Even alot of hands that I shouldnt have been making. I quickly found my 4k had turned to 12k. One of the regs in the game was asking me to play 200-400. I figured ok I'll buy in for the 8k im up. Pretty much freerolling. I do play quite a bit of triple draw but for the most part I dont show a huge profit. I am profitable at the game but its got such a huge variance. Ive had some big winning days but also some big loses playing the game.

Anyway back to my story.

I moved on up to the 200-400 level. Lost a few pots and my 8k was now about 3600. I pretty much just thought I was going to punt off the remaining  3600 and break even for the day and be done with it.  However, I picked up the wheel and 2 people made number 2 for a monster 10k pot. I was back and rolling. I have never had a session in my life like this one. At no time in the session did I go on a downswing. I mean obviously I lost a pot here and there. Although it never seemed to be more then 2 pots in a row. I constantly was chipping up. After the session–which was my finest online cash session ive ever had–I ended up being up around 65000.  The only bad beat I took on the day is that I still have to go outside and do the pool. 🙂


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