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So day 1 just ended and I have a healthy 96k with us returning tomorrow at 12pm with blinds at 500/1000, 100 ante.

I'm pretty awful at remembering live hands so I'll do my best to recall today's action.

My table seemed ok to start.  Wein was a few tables away and told me he recognized the guy on my left, and that he's ranked on P5s.  He definitely played well, but he missed much of the first half of the day.  He just disappeared.  When he came back for good during the second half he gave me some fits.

I didn't look up my table prior to the day (didn't know they posted day 1 tables) but afterward I realized i got into two big hands with NewHizzle (Mark Newhouse).  He played well, was very aggressive.  Halfway through the day at 150/300 25, he opened to 800 from EP.  I called from MP with 22 and about 30k (he had me covered).

Flop was TJ4 rainbow, he checked I checked back.  Turn was 2.  He checked I bet 1125.  I don't think I added the pot right because I realized I bet into a ~2400 pot later on, when I thought it was 1800 at the time.  He just called.

River was a K and he led out quickly for 2600.  I debated for a while on whether I should raise but I just couldn't see him having much that would call me from behind.  Maybe AK, but I don't think he has many 2 pairs with a K because I don't see him check both the flop and the turn with a J and maybe not a T.  So I just called him and he had AQ for the nuts.  Avoided disaster there.

Later on, he opened in HJ, got a call from the button and I called the additional 400 from the BB with K4s.  I forget the details but the turn brought the flush and I coolered him when he had T7s for a lower flush.

I did lay one huge bad beat.  The guy two to my left was 3 betting me constantly so about 38bbs deep i opened JTs from button he 3bet from the BB and i shipped on him (covering him).  He tanked for a good 5 minutes and then called with AJ and I hit a boat.

Otherwise lots of good poker in between.  I took down a lot of flops, ran a pretty big double barrel on Martine23 (winner of EPT london) and got played back at at the close of the day.

Looking forward to tomorrow and making day 3 and beyond.

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