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I'm currently 53/125  going into day 3.  104 get paid so that bubble is approaching.

I have a tough table draw with the CL there, Jordan "I'm so lucky" Morgan.

Yesterday was up and down.  For the first three levels I dominated my pretty soft table and ran up to 241k.  I knocked out Griffin and Kathy Liebert.  The rest of the table was pretty easy.

Then after level 3, I got moved to Jordan's table and it was really tough.  I was also put between two larger stacks (i think at that time I must have been top 10 so it's a really shitty seat draw).

I couldn't get much going there and was really card dead.

In any case, time to head down.  Don't have time to post the hands unfortunately but I'll do a recap of the bigger ones from day 2 when I win.

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