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I have to admit, I'm a bit of a geek about live poker.  I've come to understand pretty well how volume and variance interplay and that online poker is never really about one tournament but about maximizing EV over the entirety of your game play so that it could be any tournament at anytime where you find your self deep with a chance to win, regardless of buyin.

I play just about all stakes from $10r to the occasional $100r with an average buyin of around $100.  I never really get too focused on any one tournament in my session.

Online that is.

Live is a different story, I've been thinking about the NAPT Mohegan Sun since I won my seat 2 months ago.  I did the same for the WSOP ME.  I catch myself at stoplights, in the shower, during walks–just visualizing winning.

I hope it doesn't affect my play though, I have no fear of the big move online, but it's possible that with such a big buyin and traveling to play this one event I might be tighter, at least early.  I'm pretty sure that once stacks get shallow I'll play my normal game.

Anyway, GL to me and I'll try to post from the event.  Wein is playing too and Killingbird is flying in for the $1k on Friday.

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