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Oh waking up at the crack of 2pm. Gonna get my Wed grind on. Havent won anything in about 4 or 5 days starting to feel like an utter failure. Planning on snapping out of it tho. Probrably win the ap 1k tonight. Pretty sure thats the plan. Ill record it live and we can all ship it together. Thinking about getting the day going in style by going out firing up the BBQ. Pretty lazy tho so maybe not.  Either way Ill seeya on the felt tonight.

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  1. Metasploit

    Gotta love ‘waking up at the crack of 2PM’ lol. Not sure if you meant that to be funny or not but it was lol. Casey I LOVE your confidence. It just spews from you. I hope someday i’ll have confidence like that. It must feel amazing.

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