Stop Looking for More Rules to Follow

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  Having done a substantial amount of one-to-one coaching over the past few years alongside my TPE work, I’ve come across a variety of trends in the way novice players tend to think about the game, particularly when it comes to their approach to learning. For the most part, people tend to approach learning about… Read more »

Responding to Static Flop Textures in Poker

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  As a follow-up to my recent article entitled ‘Static and Dynamic Board Textures’, I’ve put together this article and another one breaking down each category of flop. Static flops are a significant contrast from dynamic ones, and require a drastic shift in the way we approach them. Let’s take a look at the most… Read more »

Flatting Too Much in Middle Position is Costing You Money

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  As a poker coach, I’ve reviewed Holdem Manager and PokerTracker databases for probably 30-40 different people at this point, and there are a few common leaks and weaknesses that tend to show up in a great many micro-stakes and low-stakes players. One of these leaks is that many people tend to be losing chips… Read more »

Concealing Tells in Live Poker

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  For those of us who got their start in poker at the online tables, the transition to live poker can be a difficult one. Not only do we have to worry about simple things like counting the size of the pot, paying attention to stack sizes, and keeping an eye out for the tournament… Read more »

Table Talk: What Music Do You Listen to While Playing Poker?

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  “Table Talk” is a series of articles where we hit members of the TPE family to ask them various poker related questions. This weeks question… What bands/artists (or podcasts) do you like to listen to while playing poker?   “ If Brad Willis recommends it, I’ve probably included it on a poker playlist. Sturgill… Read more »

Static and Dynamic Board Textures in Poker

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  Skim through any poker literature from the last ten years and you’ll probably hear the words ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ more than you would expect. The reason for this is, of course, that these terms have become commonplace in describing board textures (more specifically, flop textures) in No Limit Hold’em, to the point where people… Read more »

Constructing Preflop Ranges in Poker

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    One of the earliest potential sources of confusion for poker beginners is hand selection. In No Limit Hold’em in particular, it can be easy for a hand to look a lot stronger or weaker than it really is depending on the situation, and the dangers of making mistakes in hand selection are amplified… Read more »

Poker Tells In Practice

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  I recently played a session of 5-500 spread limit poker against a lineup that is typical of modern small- to mid-stakes big-bet games. (Structurally speaking, spread-limit poker is not “big bet” poker, but the stacks were short enough that being prevented from making a single bet or raise bigger than $500 made little practical… Read more »

Are You Over-Compensating For Something?

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  I’ve been spending a lot of coaching time recently working with HoldemResources Calculator, and guiding my students through a variety of preflop scenarios designed to give an accurate perspective on the ways in which we can adapt to our opponents’ tendencies throughout an MTT, particularly when it comes to preflop opening ranges. I’ve observed… Read more »

Finding Leaks Using Your Poker Database

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  If you play anything more than a tiny amount of online poker, you should be using either Holdem Manager 2 or PokerTracker 4 to track your play, save your hand histories and review your performance. Thats pretty much the bottom line – you’re giving up an incredible amount of EV if you’re not doing… Read more »