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This week, Andrew Brokos continues his theory series while Cory Waaland debuts a new hand history review. Also, we get a new Stop and Go hand and a new article from Matthew Hunt.


TPE Theory: Range Construction with Andrew Brokos

Andrew Brokos continues his theory series on range construction this week. In part 5, he discusses out of position play on the turn. He considers spots where we would want to donk bet the turn, goes over static vs. dynamic boards, and then considers which hands we can check raise with. In part 6, he looks at flop play. He goes over continuation bets and checking ranges.

Not All Paths Are the Same – Member HH Review with Cory “MJ23STYLEz” Waaland

Cory Waaland brings us a hand history review of his win in a Merge tournament. In part 1, he late regs, gets KK twice, and gets max value both times. This puts him in the captain’s seat for the next video. In part 2, he starts with a little under 50bbs in the money. He continues with his unorthodox style which includes large opens and open limps. This does a good job of getting his opponents out of their comfort zones and allows him to continue building his stack.


Stop and Go: Betting Blind vs Blind by Matthew Hunt

Matthew Hunt brings us a Stop & Go hand where he plays 82s from the BB. He faces a min raise from the SB and contemplates if he should call, raise, or fold.


‘Polarize’ – It’s An Adjective, Not A Verb by Matthew Hunt

In this article, Matthew Hunt explains some spots where poker players misuse the English language. The word polarize describes a type of range, but sometimes we use it as a verb meaning to make a big bet.


Member Scores

Hawkeyek9 took 3rd in a Bovada 1.5K for $260

TTwist shipped the Pokerstars 55r for $3500

Casino Inferno took 2nd in the Merge High Roller for $4600

BigSnowball chopped the Pokerstars Hot 55 for $8000

Rich Brace took 12th in a 2r for $130

Nervous Mike shipped a 2ko on Pokerstars for $1400

Carlos Welch took 7th in a WPN 10K for $360

PlasticPearl took 2nd in the Full Tilt Velociraptor for $470


If you would like your name to be included next week, please make sure you post your score, IN DETAIL, in either the sweat or BBV threads, or use the hashtag #TPEdge on Twitter! You can also tweet them to @HipHop101Trivia directly.

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