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I Moved to Las Vegas

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  My wife and I have this thing we do every ten years or so where we get bored with wherever we are living and decide to pack up and move. This is how we ended up in Los Angeles. It’s also how we ended up in North Carolina. Well, apparently it was time for… Read more »

What If We Started a Poker Business?

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    Six years ago today I was sitting in the exact same office I am sitting in now, working on Tournament Poker Edge projects just as I am now and, possibly, drinking cold beer just like I am now. There was, however, one big difference; Tournament Poker Edge had exactly ZERO members. We were… Read more »

Punting for Puppies

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  Saturday, February 20th starting at 2pm EST I while be running a charity stream on Twitch!     As most of you know my wife and I are very active with Triangle Beagle Rescue. All donations (there is a DONATE BUTTON on my Twitch page) on Saturday will go directly to TBR. For full… Read more »

PCA and the End of Our Downswing!

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  2016 is off to a great start! We started the year by heading off to the Bahamas with my good friends Carlos Welch and Danny Noseworthy for the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. I really did not go down intending to play very much poker while there, and I really didn’t.  I played one SNG, which… Read more »

The Moose is Loose

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  Well its been a long journey absolutely – no doubt about that. As things finally begin to settle down, I want to send my appreciation to those people that have been so patient with me. On the 15th of January at 8:08 am I was blessed by the birth of the most beautiful little… Read more »

Juggling Poker and Family!

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  Hey guys and gals 🙂 I just wanted to touch base with the people of the poker world as I have been missing in action for a while. So as many of you know in the TPE family it’s been a whirlwind of a couple years for me. This past 24 months or so… Read more »

Downswings, Twitch and Live Poker

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  What the hell happened to 2015? The year is practically over and we did not accomplish all of the things we wanted to. We started off the year solidly, but the last few months has seen me hovering between “just barely in makeup” and “kind of deep in makeup”. Such is the life of… Read more »

Poker Is Awesome

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  Some of you may know that before I was in the “poker industry” I was in the “music industry”.  Well, tonight I had the awesome opportunity to play poker with some of my oldest friends.  Thew band Emery is rolling through town, and they had a night off.  So after enjoying a few beers… Read more »

2015 World Series of Poker…are we there yet?

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  Man, the World Series of Poker is so close I can smell it. As i mentioned in my previous blog, I’ll be getting out a little late this year as I have some family commitments. It’s gonna be tough talking to friends who are already there and missing some of those early events. But… Read more »

The Year of Close Calls and Near Misses

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2015 is shaping up to be the “Year of Close Calls and Near Misses”.  I’ve been on a nice upswing over the last couple of months, which is always hard to complain about. That being said, it is hard not to think back to some of the deep runs that fizzled, and what could have… Read more »

WSOPc Cherokee, NC Trip Report (Days 1 and 2)

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Just a quick little trip report for the first two days of my WSOP Circuit Event series here at Harrah’s in Cherokee, NC.  Attendance seems really solid, I missed the big re-entry event unfortunately, but I heard they broke a record for number of runners in that one, so that is a good sign about… Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  I’m in the middle of a $5K downswing and I am not thankful for that. But since it is Thanksgiving here in America, I figured I would take a moment to list a few things I AM thankful for. Family, health, etc are of course on the list, but this is the poker edition…. Read more »

Punta Cana Poker Classic Update

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Writing this from my hotel here at the Punta Cana Poker Classic.  If you have never hit this event, I would suggest giving it some consideration. The resort is pretty awesome, and the LSOP puts on a really good tournament here. The main event is a great value, and you of course cannot beat playing… Read more »

Punta Cana Poker Classic Here We Come!

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Just a quick blog update for the nation. I recently returned from Canada and Bigdog’s wedding. It was an awesome time. Got to hang with RFB, TTwist, DannyN13, Marc Alioto and of course Casey. Turns out, Canadians know how to party. Because we are all spread out around the world, we don’t get to hang… Read more »

I’ve Always Wanted a Trophy

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I think I won a few medals in wrestling when I was like 10, but otherwise I don’t have a single trophy on my mantle. However, that could all change if we can manage to win the British Poker Award for Best Poker Training Site. I’m getting old guys. Help me get a trophy before… Read more »

I Hate Live Poker!

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Just kidding.  I love live poker, and I’m stoked to be heading to the Dominican Republic to play in the Punta Cana Poker Classic with some of the other TPE guys. I’ve heard great things about this series, specifically that it is super soft, so can’t wait to get down there and play. My plan… Read more »

Slave to the Grind

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  July has wrapped.  It was my first (nearly) month back on the online grind after the World Series of Poker and I’m pretty happy with where my game is at the moment. In terms of results, I had about a 40% ROI over about 400 tournaments. I also had a couple of near misses… Read more »

Back on the Online Poker Grind

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I really thought I was going to need more time off. But I think I was back on the online grind about two days after I got back from the WSOP. I’m glad I jumped right back in as the results have been pretty good so far. Since getting back I’ve put in about 125… Read more »

TalonJohn’s First HHR and Video

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I just can’t figure this out, I made an hour long (109mb, AVI) video which I realize is too big.   Does ANYONE know how to split an AVI file in half? I’ve downloaded Bitser, Avi Video Converter and AviSplit Classic as well as tried Windows 8 Movie Maker and just can’t get anything to… Read more »

World Series of Poker Update

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I scheduled a break to come home during the WSOP this year, and it is now something I might have to do every year. I’ve been home for 6 days just relaxing and spending time with family and I could not feel more refreshed or ready to get back to Las Vegas and win some… Read more »

Back in the Saddle

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So I didn’t get a chance to write yesterday as I was wrapped up in playing most of the evening. I learned a few interested things while I was playing and got some insight into areas I need to work on. First off I spent a good block of time watching early stage vids and… Read more »

Returning to TPE and Online Poker

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I have to say that it is good to be back. I was a member of TPE before Black Friday and I loved it. The people and the learning were second to none. Then that happened… Things went dark. I tried live and gave playing a shot for a bit, but it just never really… Read more »

Sin City: 2014 WSOP

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Diamonds and dust Poor man last Rich man first Lamborghini’s, caviar Dry martini’s, Shangrila I got a burnin’ feeling Deep inside of me It’s a yearnin’ But I’m gonna set it free I’m goin’ in To sin city I’m gonna win In sin city Where the lights are bright Do the town tonight I’m gonna… Read more »

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